C- Claw 150 -200 Purlin Bracketry System

Our bracketry system for 150 – 200 purlins are engineered for maximum toughness, rigidity and torsional strength. Our innovative C- Claw design also facilitates ease of construction for self-builders and handymen at remote locations. Our wrap around C-Claw design is superior to conventional flat plate designs. The C- Claw design wraps around the purlin to create a sturdy, firm fitting junction, with horizontal and vertical bolting points multiplying the rigidity of the entire system.

C-Claw 150 -200 Bracketry System

  • Superior Strength
  • Arrow straight alignment
  • Ease of erection for self-builders and handymen
  • Enhanced rigidity
  • Maximum longevity

For Heavy Duty Applications The Shed World, Welded Frame Advantage


  • Now partnering with Tilmac™ for even greater range and capabilities
  • 20-30% more strength
  • Easier and quicker erection time
  • Competitive pricing
  • High Tensile- heavy Duty, Light weight
  • More Versatility
  • Better Resale Value
  • Ability to add cranes and racking

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Footing Brackets Cast into The Slab

Our premium sheds feature Wrap around Heavy Duty Footing Brackets, These Brackets are cast into the slab and bolted at both sides. Conventional Footing brackets are dyna bolted or even glued to the slab.

  • Rock solid base
  • Strength and durability from the ground up
  • Enhanced rigidity
  • Improved weather resiliance
  • Bolt in brackets available for existing slabs

Plastic Wrapped For Protection and Peace of Mind

Nothing distroys the schedule, budget and morale of a project like missing or damaged components. With 40+ years of experience at Shed World we leave nothing to chance. Our expert tracking team cross check every delivery to ensure completeness. Each kit is then wrapped using the specially design plastic wrap conveyor system. The tight plastic wrapping offers rigidity and protection to the package for transport and prevents and component “going missing”. The fully wrapped shed components offer each other support preventing flexing or bending in transport and a safe secure package if storage is required.

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